Be right here. With us. In Ojai, surrounded by trees and queers.

We’re a restless bunch of inventive creatures, always dreaming up new ways to have enormous amounts of kickass fun. A-Camp X will be no different.

There's a thing we've started saying when we talk about camp: BE RIGHT HERE. Leave the rest of the world behind and be here. Be a kid again competing against other cabins in Rainbow Wars, baking homemade Oreos or doing your nails at a Femme-Jama party. Sit down for a one-on-one with a career mentor. Rediscover your crafty side. Learn to chair dance, become a whiskey expert or a cheerleader, laugh your ass off at improv, meetup with other introverts and zoom down the dueling waterslides at our magical pool party.  Witness epic feelings at the Gender Panel, become a better human at Racial Justice 101, dig into What Makes A Queer Family Queer, get schooled in Swagger, build a shelf, make a 'zine. Spend an entire day reading in the woods or hiking with new friends. Wake up for yoga or spoon 'til noon. Let a DJ save your life at the dance or watch the stars. Learn something. Try something. Forget about the patriarchy and twitter and income tax and BE RIGHT HERE.


When is A-Camp X?

Camp will start at 7pm on May 16th and ends around 11am on May 21st. Registration will open at 4pm on the 16th, with dinner starting at 7pm and opening ceremonies commencing at 9pm.

Where does A-Camp happen?

A beautiful camp and retreat site situated in Ojai, California, around 90 minutes from Los Angeles and Burbank (without traffic). We’ll run shuttles to and from LAX for an additional fee, and if you’re within driving distance, there’s free parking on-site. We’re also within 5 hours of San Diego and 7 hours from San Francisco or Las Vegas.

Who goes to A-Camp?


You weirdos! Our campers range in age from 18 to 50 and come from all over the world, including lots of Canadians and quite a few Australians and Europeans. Generally half our campers are under 25 and half are over 25, and 60% are first-timers.

How can I attend A-Camp?

The initial registration fee that reserves your spot is $75. Early Bird tuition is $620 on top of that ($660 after February 14th) and includes five days and nights of food, lodging, programming, and entertainment for less than $140 a day! It’s the most affordable event of its kind.


Questions about the cost? Check out our FAQ →

Lodging and sleeping accommodations:


You’ll enjoy the biggest bestest grown-up slumber party of your life with between 12-18 other campers in well-maintained, heated cabins with wide bunk beds, storage space, and 2-4 showers per cabin. (There’s also a large newly-renovated bathhouse within walking distance of all cabins.) It is camp though, so be prepared to get a little rustic! Cabin groups are designed carefully with your happiness in mind, and one cabin will be an entirely alcohol-free space for sober campers and others who prefer that environment.

Note: All campers under the age of 21 are placed in the same cabin. 

Dolphin Inn + Hotel California

If you’d like a more private experience, we have two complexes, The Hotel California and The Dolphin Inn, where for an up-charge you can stay solo or with one roommate in private hotel-style rooms with extra storage, private bathrooms (with showers & tubs), closets, a workspace and some additional special surprise goodies! All rooms have heat and air conditioning, as well as a shared common area with couches, tables and 2+ refrigerators reserved for Hotel/Inn residents.

Food at A-Camp

You’ll get three meals and one snack a day — we work with the chef to design a menu and options catered specifically for our group, with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options as well as meals for people with food allergies.

We’ll also have an A-Camp Canteen open every day where you can purchase extra snacks and other necessities.

Daytime Programming


You’ll have full access to a variety of activities, workshops, panels, sports, discussion groups, classes and arts & crafts. Here are some of the things we've offered at previous A-Camps. 

Autostraddle After Dark


Autostraddle After Dark includes crazy-fun evening entertainment that changes every time. There’s always a last night dance and there’s always a Staff Reading, and this time, you can definitely count on a night of Comedy and a night of Music featuring our exceptional guest talent. Past After Dark activities have included game shows like The Strip Spelling Bee, musical extravaganzas like Lilith Flair, X-Files screenings and The All-Camp Variety Show.

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