There's a thing we've started saying when we talk about camp: BE RIGHT HERE. Leave the rest of the world behind and be here. Be here right on Lake Beulah, surrounded by trees and queers amid Wisconsin's warm days and cool nights. Be a kid again competing against other cabins in Rainbow Wars or playing recess games. Sit down for a one-on-one with a career mentor. Rediscover your crafty side. Learn to chair dance, become a whiskey expert, laugh your ass off at improv, meet up with other introverts, write something. Witness epic feelings at the Gender Panel, dig into What Makes A Queer Family Queer, get schooled in Swagger 101, build a shelf, make a 'zine. Spend an entire day reading in the woods or hiking with new friends. Wake up for yoga or spoon 'til noon. Let a DJ save your life at Klub Deer or watch the stars. Learn something. Try something. Forget about the patriarchy and income tax and the internet and BE RIGHT HERE.


Our campers range in age from 18 to 70 and came from all over the world, including lots of Canadians and quite a few Australians and United Kingdomers. Usually half our campers are over 25 and half are under, and at least 60% are first-timers.


A beautiful camp and retreat site situated on Lake Beulah in Mukwanago, Wisconsin. Perlman Retreat Center and Beber Camp is 35 minutes from Milwaukee, and 90 minutes from Chicago. We run shuttles to and from ORD and MKE for an additional fee, and if you're within driving distance there's a parking lot on-site.


You'll be having the bestest biggest surprise slumber party of your life sharing your cabin with somewhere between 11 and 18 others, led by two counselors from Team Autostraddle. Cabin groups are designed with your happiness in mind.

If you're looking for less roommates and more room, we also have an option for lodging in "The Villa" for an up-charge. It's a complex that holds 1-4 people per room with suite bathrooms in a building that also has a full kitchen, dining area, couches, television and laundry. 

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What does the cost include?

  • Lodging for 5 nights.
  • Three meals a day - we work closely with the chef to design vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menus and options catered specifically for our group and to accomodate food allergies.
  • Full access to a variety of workshops, panels, sports, classes, discussions and craft activities. You'll also have the option to get fun one-on-one stuff — such as Alternative Lifestyle Haircuts, Individual Style Consultations or Career Mentoring Sessions.
  • A kickass gift tote bag jam-packed with special things, including your A-Camp t-shirt.


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