We here at A-Camp want to make sure you have the best camp ever no matter where you land on the ability spectrum. Here are some details on campsite so you can figure out what your access needs will be and reach out to us if necessary. Even if you don't identify as disabled and/or neurodivergent, there may be useful info for you here!

We will have shuttles available to take you around to activities and meals.

If you require ASL interpreters throughout A-Camp, please get in touch with us immediately after registering and we will arrange accordingly.

If you are a wheelchair user, be sure to let us know whether you use a manual chair, power chair, or both. Please also indicate whether you are able to transfer out of your chair into the shuttle.

There are bathrooms in the dining hall but no accessible stalls. If you need to use an accessible restroom during a meal, a staff member will be able to show you to the nearest one or transport back to your cabin if needed. 

Seating in dining halls and activity spaces will be in folding chairs or other chairs with no arms. Let us know if you need an alternative seating arrangement.

The majority of the buildings we're planning to hold activities in are either ground-level/you can just go right in OR have an accessible entrance. The indoor teaching kitchen building has an entrance with one step up to the door. If you want to attend a workshop in the teaching kitchen and need assistance at the entrance, let us know.

If you are in need of a bathroom with a shower chair, we can provide. We designate a quiet/rest space should you need to take a sensory break in between activities but don't want to go all the way back to your cabin. 

Our Accessibility Captains, Alyssa (aandrews@ohheyitsalyssa.com) and Lex (asmitherscollege@gmail.com), will be there to field questions and voice your concerns to the powers that be! So if anything comes up, you always have a point of contact.