What are Camperships?

Sometimes you wanna go to A-Camp but you just can't afford it, and sometimes you don't really want to go to A-Camp but totally could afford it, and if we mash both of those types of people together, we create a symbiotic relationship known as "the campership."

You've enabled over 50 humans to experience A-Camp over the last three years, which is pretty freaking awesome. 

So let's continue the tradition: here is where you apply for a campership or learn how to donate or sponsor one.

Apply for a Campership!

Name *
Would you be able to attend camp with a partial campership? *
Do you identify as a person of color? *
Tell us your story! Be sure to let us know why you can't afford camp without a campership and what you hope to get out of the experience in 300-1,000 words, as well as your plan for getting to camp (because camperships do not include travel).

Sponsor a Campership

Sometimes a remarkable business or brand comes along and sponsors some lucky human's trip to A-Camp in the spirit of a Campership. Here are some of the amazing brands that have sent you beautiful humans to A-Camp: 


Learn more about the perks of donating a campership by contacting our Marketing and Sponsorship Director, Sarah Sarwar via email: sarah@autostraddle.com. Tell her a bit about your brand or company and be sure to include relevant website and social media links.

Donate to the Campership Fund

Full Camperships are $715 ($755 including airport shuttle transportation and $771 with linens) and we'll follow up with you about whether or not you would like your identity revealed to the camper so they can tell you thank you. Any size contribution helps, and those smaller bits come together to enable us to offer partial camperships as well! Please note that Autostraddle and A-Camp are not non-profits.