A-Camp May 2017 was an exciting event — we made it through the rain with smiles, laughter, and intense chosen family feelings. We celebrated everybody’s birthday on our last day with The Thirst Games, finding our way out of the Escape Room: Lesbian Relationship Edition, getting our Tarot Cards read and our faces painted, enjoying gal pals at the FemmeJama party, tasting Whiskey, playing basketball, sending birthday cards to our new friends and chilling in the (Unfortunately Not Sponsored By) LaCroix Garden. Before the Heaven is a Place on Earth Dance, we threw a Surprise Quinceañera for Queen Trans Mey Rude that made everybody cry and eat cake.

We fell in love with musician Be Steadwell all over again, jammed to Damsel Trash, shared our Ms. Honey feelings with Mara Wilson (who read at our Staff Reading and sang with the A-Camp Family Band!), played games with serious comedian Brittani Nichols and Gaby Dunn, enjoyed a live taping of Buffering the Vampire Slayer with Kristin Russo and Jenny Owen Youngs (with special special guests Kate Leth and Gaby Dunn), died laughing with El Sanchez and felt our feelings with Mal Blum.

We made some Witch/Craft and tiny avocado jewelry, sewed in a circle, danced on over to Masculine-of-Center stage, got tangled up in shibari ropes, bird-watched, battled at the Great Grilled Cheese Bake-Off, queered figure drawing, explored Granola as Savory Rebellion, discovered our Ultimate Orgasms, got schooled in Racial Justice 101, made our activism trans-inclusive, enjoyed Midwestern Martinis on the beach, made bread and oreos and scallion pancakes and pickles, paired Wisconsin Cheese Curds with boxed wine and did storytelling for the resistance with the POC Zine Project.

The A-Camp Family Band played us home with some unforgettable covers before we all hugged and promised to do it again next year, but maybe in a place with slightly less rain and a lot more food.

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