In October 2016, we hosted a mini A-Camp to test out a new site in Wisconsin, and we loved it so much we decided to move A-Camp to Wisconsin indefinitely! A smaller group of campers joined us at sea level for three nights and two full days of programming. We made itty-bitty avocado jewelry, herbal tea, DIY deodorant, apple hand pies, vegan Sushi, Kinky cross-stich and tacos. We hung shelves, gayed our makeup, sang a-capella, improv'ed like feminists and wrote pop songs. We learned about disability-friendly sex, trans allyship, women & whiskey, artisan cheeses and period herbalism. Bisexuals mingled and crafted, QPOC held down a Speakeasy council and introverts enjoyed a feelings atrium.

We also hosted our first-ever Haunted House, starring dead lesbian and bisexual TV characters and a group of rowdy Ghostbusters. El Sanchez and Brittani Nichols made us laugh til our bodies hurt, Jenny Owen Youngs and Be Steadwell sang til our hearts fell out of our chests and on the last night, we gathered for a Midwestern Gothic A-Camp Dance featuring live entertainment from the legendary A-Camp Family Band.

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