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Kathy Goes to Camp

“And THEN you’re like, “F*ck, I had a job to do here, and instead I got so wrapped up in this place and my feelings!””



I Found God at Queer Summer Camp

“And I split open like a seed, tears falling from my eyes uncontrollably. Natalie’s words are balm and Al(aina)’s voice is rainwater. Something starts growing, or maybe something starts healing? […] This is the kind of thing that used to happen for me in church, that I used to call the Holy Spirit – back when I still believed, back before I knew I was queer.”



Here’s What Happened When I Went to Queer Summer Camp

“I know what’s going on.
I mean I thought I knew.
But then I went to A-Camp.”


Curve Magazine

Campfire Tales: Sleep-away Adventures at Autostraddle’s A-Camp 4.0

“At first, I felt anxious walking into that panel. By the end of it, I realized that I still held on to shame around my mood disorder, and through the discussion at that panel, through those shared stories, and through A-Camp, I was able to begin to let go of that shame.”



9 U.S. Events That Promote Queer Diversity

"A-Camp has been a space for shared, queer community since 2012, and the importance of and need for spaces like these has only grown since then. Finding community—and finding fun with community, especially for so many of us who rely on chosen family in tumultuous political and social times—is critical!"


REI Co-Op Journal

I Went to an LGBTQ+ Camp. Here’s What Happened.

“A starlit sky felt nearly touchable above us, holding us close to the warm California ground.”


Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn

Live from A-Camp!

“Gaby is joined by Autostraddle's Riese Bernard, Alex Vega, and Laneia Jones for a live taping of the show from A-Camp.”

Welcoming, Fun & Affordable: How Autostraddle’s A-Camp Became the Go-To Event for Queer Women

“A-Camp replicates that special summer camp feeling most of us had as kids, with the #1 goal always being inclusion and acceptance of one another, especially for campers who come without a friend or a partner. Once they get there, everyone realizes A-Camp is a home-away-from-home.”



Queerly Not Straight: 7 Things I Learned at Queer Camp

“I was listened to at A-Camp. I was appreciated at A-Camp. I was free of judgement at A-Camp. I was encouraged to try new things at A-Camp. I was honest at A-Camp. I was safe at A-Camp.”